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The polish peoples republic polish polska rzeczpospolita ludowa prl was a country in central europe that existed from 1947 to 1989 and the predecessor of the modern democratic republic of polandwith a population of approximately 379 million inhabitants near the end of its existence it was the most populous state of the eastern bloc after the soviet unionthe polish peoples republic polish polska rzeczpospolita ludowa prl was the official name of poland until 1989 according to constitution of 1952 based originally on the soviet blueprintuntil 1952 the name of the polish state according to a temporary constitution of 1947 issued by the communists was simply rzeczpospolita polska the republic of polandthe constitution of the polish peoples republic also known as july constitution or constitution of 1952 was passed on 22 july 1952 created by the polish communists in the polish peoples republic it was based on the 1936 soviet constitution also known as stalin constitution and it superseded the post war provisional small constitution of 1947 which in its turn had declared null and the polish peoples republic poland table of contents soviet success in liberating poland began an entirely new stage in polish national existence with the reluctant blessing of the allies the communist dominated government was installed in 1945 during the next seven years poland became a socialist state modeled on the soviet uniona list of prohibited publications and black listed writers was created in 1950 during the darkest years of stalinism in poland with some 1682 items and subsequently modified many times by the communist authorities in the polish peoples republic

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